In Pronto Paga we understand the protection of personal data as an opportunity to generate value for our users. By making responsible use of personal information, we not only protect the privacy of those who entrust us with their data, but also allow them to operate safely and confidently in our ecosystem.

Therefore, your privacy is very important to us and we strive to protect it.

Pronto Paga, in order to provide its services to you, treats, collects and in some cases discloses information about people who, like you, are users and visitors of the websites and/or applications. This Privacy Policy describes the information Pronto Paga collects and treats about its users and what it may do with it.

Pronto Paga ensures the confidentiality of the personal data of those users who register or decide to use our service through a partner merchant.


I.              Who is responsible for the processing of personal information?


Pronto Paga is responsible for the processing of the data of users and visitors of its platforms.

The controller is the one who decides on the processing of personal data. To do so, he/she determines the purposes or uses for which the personal information will be used and the means that will be used.


II.              What do we use your personal data for?


  1. To provide the products and services developed by Pronto Paga.
  2. Improve our services, develop new ones and offer a better experience.
  3. Comply with legal obligations and requirements of the competent authority.
  4. Detect and prevent fraud, abuse and related crimes to protect the security of our users and the sustainability of the platform.


III.              What information do we collect and process about you?


  1. Full name.
  2. Valid ID or document number.
  3. Contact information (such as telephone number, address, e-mail address).
  4. Bank account information.
  5. Information on means of payment.
  6. Biometric data, such as the analysis of the biometric characteristics of the face (head size, distance between the eyes, width of the nose, among others) for identity validation purposes.

With respect to the collection and processing of data through automated mechanisms in order to generate records of visitor activity and audience records on the web platform, Pronto Paga may only use such information for the preparation of reports that meet the stated objectives.

Under no circumstances may it carry out operations that imply associating said information to any identified or identifiable user.

For the purposes of this "Privacy Policy", User means the person who voluntarily registers or uses the services of Pronto Paga. Visitor is the person who freely accesses the information available at, and, without prior registration.


IV.             Is there an international transfer of data in our services?


The services provided require the support of a technological infrastructure, such as servers and cloud services, which may be our own or provided by third parties. Therefore, part of that infrastructure may be established in a country other than your own.

In addition, it may happen that these countries receiving the data we transfer do not offer adequate levels of protection of personal data, according to the applicable regulations.

In these cases, Pronto Paga will adopt measures to safeguard your data, through contractual clauses or binding corporate rules that provide adequate levels of protection.


V.              Do we share information with third parties?


Pronto Paga will be able to communicate to third parties statistical information elaborated from the personal data of its users, without the express consent of the holder, when from such data it is not possible to identify individually the holders, in accordance with the Law.


VI.             What rights do you have as a holder of personal data?


You may exercise your rights at any time. These are:

  1. Access: Request information about the data concerning your person, its origin and recipient, the purpose of storage and the identification of the persons or organizations to which your data is regularly transmitted;
  2. Portability: You may request that your personal data be returned to you or transferred to another company. The data will be provided in a commonly used, machine-readable format.
  3. Rectification: Request that your personal data be modified when they are incorrect or outdated, if applicable;
  4. Deletion: Request that we delete your personal data. In certain cases we will not be obliged to do so, for example, if it must be retained to comply with a legal obligation.
  5. Opposition: You may at any time object to our use of your personal data, unless our legitimate interest overrides the interest of the data subject.


To exercise your rights, please contact clearly indicating your request.


VII.              Security and storage of personal information.


Pronto Paga complies with the regulations and has adopted security measures following industry standards to protect your personal information.

To the extent that Pronto Paga has complied with the rules and adopted the measures mentioned in the previous section, Pronto Paga is not responsible for illegal interceptions or violations of its systems or databases, nor for their use by unauthorized persons. Pronto Paga is also not responsible for the improper use of the information obtained by such means.


VIII.              Changes to the Privacy Statement.


Pronto Paga will make periodic updates to the Privacy Policy to reflect ongoing changes in the services we offer. These updates will reflect in a transparent and simple manner how personal information is treated. We will notify you of these changes through our usual channels, such as email or in-app messages. Where appropriate, we will seek your consent.

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